Sunday, February 13, 2011

What is Red Devil Motors?

Red Devil Motors has become the cover name for my two wheeled activities. Since being able to walk I've been fascinated (read mildly obsessed) with all things two wheeled. Mostly motorcycles and mostly vintage but bicycles too and in all reality I am not discerning. I'm as into a fifties Raleigh Roadster as a seventies Mobylette as a veteran Zenith.

Sometime in my twenties I started buying and selling vintage motorcycles and spares and getting parts made. Many of the bikes were imported from India, until recently prices there were a lot lower than the UK and many shops were a treasure trove for new old stock gems. Three or four years back the business became more serious and a name and logo was needed. I did a nice line in reproduction cock-a-snoot vintage motorcycle mascots. From that the name Red Devil Motors was born and a graphics designer friend in Brighton drew up the logo (thanks Stu I still love it!).

The business didn't quite make wage enough to survive but the logo was great and the name stayed on. Perhaps one day it will be resurrected as a 'money maker' but for now it's a pseudonym for my two wheeled ramblings.

To follow: event reports, rides, motorcycles, pedal pushing, workshop catastrophes and cod philosophy.....

with '55 Bullet in Turkey

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